My name is Al. I'm a Sergeant in the USMC. I have been motivated by strong leaders and great examples. I will do anything for the Marines under my charge, and I strive to instill that in them as well.

Night In

So tonight is my last night in Cherry Point(Finally), and anyone that knows me knows how I’m spending it.. TURN UP with the bros one last time.. Wrong.. Tonight I’m prepping for the rest of my life.. Tonight I’m packing and spending an evening in with my oh so lovely bride thegreyribbonoflove.. So tonight its Scandal, reddit, and energy drinks til I fall asleep. 

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My #ford #fiesta though..

No more Varsity.. We’re in the Big Leagues

That is what one of my instructors opened the school day with at aroud 0500. He used that as a way of describing the best school in the best service. Well they definitely ensured that we knew today that it takes A LOT to be acquainted with the best. we did numerous repetitive tasks and had our first graded performance evaluation today. It was on the position of attention teachback. first of all a teachback is when you explain a drill movement down to every intricate detail. 

Well I definitely punted that event into the stands. I did really well.. but my partner sucked.. and because he sucked. we both failed. I understand that this is the Marine Corps so it is acceptable for me to feel guilt that my partner was unprepared for this examination. (that’s actually a product of early in boot camp indoctrination. pay attention and you’ll start to see a change) 

After failing the first examination we had field day. It was miserable. 46 grown men running around in shorts above their knees cleaning from floor to ceiling. I spent about an hour cleaning a door’s brass from dull brown to about as shiny as an instrument in the President’s Own. I eventually got pulled away from cleaning to be assigned a position as the class scribe. So now I’m excluded from field days and all other “filler BS..” Scribe isn’t easy work though. Creating forms and documents, organizing jackets, and constant confrontation from the instructors( worst part)

While my days are absolutely terrible and I never get to talk to my wife. This all seems worth it. This post may seem all bad, but anyone in the Corps knows that Drill Instructors are an elite group of individuals that are remarkable at what they do. Ok it’s super late so i’m signing off. 

I love you Quiana and I can’t wait til this is all over and I can talk to you everyday agian. The hardest thing I have to do everyday is not have a conversation with you, or the chance to tell you I love you and here you reciprocate the gesture.. Good Night babe…

At the depot doing uniform prep.. Thank goodness I had some squared away Devil Dawgs to compete with and stay on top of my game..
I miss my wife #bored #tiredofstudying #love #express #couple

DI School early impressions

Well I’m very lucky to be posting this. As you know I’m in Drill Instructor School. I happen to have gotten the wonderful opportunity of enjoying the 4th of July Holiday. So onto the details….

On day one I got the wonderful experience of checking in. It was crazy.. It seemed like everyone was getting their faces screamed off for doing things incorrectly. However I seemed to “slip through the cracks.” I only got yelled at in groups. I got no real up close attention until we sat down in class. When we sat down in class they immediately proceeded to start teaching classes. That lasted all day and we got yelled at for not being loud enough or being uncertain about what to say. They asked a lot of questions that required us all to respond. I found this confusing at times, but I’ve just started answering fast so everyone will follow suit.

Day 2 we ran a PFT first thing as expected. I finished first and ran a 297. (Fuck you Cherry Point PFT course) We also took a bunch of classes and had a surprise inspection. I didn’t get hit on anything but IPs so Uniform Maintenance Sundays paid off.. We got told a bunch of stuff to buy, and its all very expensive. Day 2 seems nice right… WRONG!! we had a second PT session in the afternoon then we proceeded to learn how to do teachbacks and then field day commenced.. we didn’t finish until almost 2300. No chow.. It was grueling as heck. I eventually started taking charge of things in order to speed things up and stop all the confusion. We all have to much time in the Corps for the boot Sergeant to be taking charge but whatever. 

I would like to point out that this is nothing like recruit training. I actually feel comfortable in this environment. I feel like being successful is not a hard if you do the groundwork so I’m gonna keep at it. 

Well I’m gonna have to hop off I have to study a lot of things and figure out how I’m gonna buy the crap they told us to procure.

Leave me alone.. With the wife right now

These Days

Well it only Saturday night but man this weekend has been pretty fun. One of my good friends is leaving the Marine Corps, and last night we had a party for him. I was a DD, but I still enjoyed myself. It reminded me how close you grow to people even though all you do is work with them. I love the Corps for that bond that I’ve grown with so many people. 

Today we just had a get together with a few of the fellas from the shop and it was also great. All of their wives were upset b/c they aren’t getting to meet my beautiful wife. Everyone thinks that she has to be pretty awesome for me to want to drop everything and marry her, and they’re absolutely right. She’s great. Most of my friends are planning to move to the west coast soon so I’m pretty excited to see them all moving closer to me so that I can have some familiar faces around there.

Getting ready to go to Drill Instructor School is really bittersweet. I’m actually going to be achieving a long time goal, and my first chance to work in a position where my job is literally to change people’s lives. On the other hand, this is going to be the worst experience I’ve ever had. Drill Instructor school is going to be demanding in every possible way to look at it. No matter what happens I WILL NOT FAIL. I have never had a time when I felt like giving up was a better option than completing something I started.

On Thursday I plan to drive down to Texas to see my wife.. It’s gonna be exciting giving her the Sonic and getting to spend some time with her before I am almost out of pocket for 3 months. Nothing makes my time more worthwhile than knowing that my wife is behind me every step of the way. All in all the last two days and the next few were/are great.

My days on the Air Station are winding down.. In just 8 days I’ll be on the road embarking on my next opportunity that the Marine Corps has presented me with.. I’ll be headed to drill instructor school.. Even though I am anticipating this obstacle, I’m still worried. It’s an all inclusive leadership school that is gonna make me a Drill Instructor.. I’ve been studying and practicing everything I can.. But the difficulty of the school is the easy part of the whole evolution.. I’m newly married and my wife has very little experience with the Marine Corps, and while she’s an intelligent women nothing can prepare her for what’s to come.. I can’t promise to be able to be with her when she wants.. There will be nights that I won’t call.. And on the nights I do.. I’ll probably fall asleep on the phone.. I guess all I can do is hope and pray that this short period of time flies by so that I can stop worrying and start living my dream

What!? You got married?

I”m getting tired of this. What happened to Congratulations!! or Dang that’s awesome I can’t wait to meet her. It actually annoys me how the military has such a negative outlook on marriage. 

Though she be but little she is fierce.: I've decided to join into volunteer program that works overseas.


In one of their (many) orphanages. They operate all over the world. My first choice is in Romania, but I could get sent to Kenya, or Denmark, or Russia, or Peru or India.. basically ANYWHERE!

I haven’t received my specific country yet, because I have to accept their offer and commit myself to a…

Hey let’s help my little sis out!!

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Marine Corps Recon doing SPIE training

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